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encinitas optometrist

Eye care is essential to using excellent eyesight

1: Regular Eye Tests - You should visit local vision care centre or optometrist every 2 years. Even if you're not aware of any problems, having an eye test regularly you can detect underlying optical problems in addition to changes in your eyesight. It may need to become more frequent based on how old you are and medical history. Your Optometrist will usually recommend you when you return for your next eye make sure usually they will send a reminder as to when your next vision test is due.

2: Reading Habits - Be sure you don't sit in a low vision area to avoid eye strain. In fact, most of the vision problems associated with reading result from the wrong practice of reading books in locations that lack suitable light. Also, if you have been reading for quite long periods of time, rest your eyes for a moment lookup or the window. Lots of eyesight troubles are brought on by wrong reading practises.


3: It's very importantly a proper diet - My Mother used to tell me to consume my carrots its great for your eyesight, I figured she was looking to get me to eat my vegetables, but she was rite carrots are good for your eyesight. Vegetables are full of vitamin A, New evidence suggests that certain substances, called lutein, and it is variant zeaxanthin, protect your eyes from the side effects of the sun and may assist in preventing eye care problems.

4: This is a listing of foods that I call eye care food - Fruits, Dairy food, Butter, Cream, Cheese, Carrots, Eggs, Liver, Squash, Green leafy vegetables

5: Too little vit a causes thing like These are merely below:

Night Blindness

Corneal Xerosis and Conjunctival

Infections and ulceration


So vision care and diet are incredibly essential for your skills care, and make sure you go to your Optometrist every 24 months have your skills test not only to see if you need eyeglasses however for an eye health check.

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